Training to get the results YOU'RE looking for

For that moment you realize your dog GETS it...

Maybe your dog pulls you down the street and it's not fun going for a walk.


Or when you do go for a walk, you're embarrassed by your dog barking at dogs and people on the street.


You would love to introduce your dog to other dogs, but he's not having it. Or maybe she has decided that every squirrel is her nemesis and your arm is taking the brunt of it. 

If you're frustrated and not sure what to do next, we understand and we can help. Our programs are designed to set you up for success. We provide support during and after training. Our one on one programs are fully customized, and we work with the tools that work best for you and your dog. While we use a wide range of training tools, regardless of the tool we use, the goal is to train the dog.


Now imagine you are walking your dog, and she is looking up at your rather than barking at everything around. It's a beautiful day and you and the family take the dog for a long hike. Everyone at your family get together compliments on your amazing dog. You happily load the dog into the SUV because you know you can take your dog wherever life takes you.

Contact us and we can help you turn your dog into an amazing member of the family that you are all proud of!

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 Because Leashes Break.

This isn't typical obedience training for your dog, it's about making REAL change for you and your dog. Training for the dog, education for you. You see, we want you to have LONG LASTING change, which means you need to know how to communicate and understand your dog beyond just "commands". We go beyond sit and stay and teach you dog language. We teach your dog how to make good decisions.  Because a dog that makes good decisions doesn't run out the door, bark at things passing by, lunge or bite people or dogs.

That's not to say that obedience isn't important. But HOW it is taught, and how you use the obedience in every day situations will be the secret of your success.


All of our programs lead to off leash. Why? You may not think you will ever need your dog off leash, but leashes break, equipment fails, people leave doors open by mistake. Most training relies on cookies and food to help the dog decide. But what is that isn't enough in the moment? Yes, we can use food, but we show you how to use it so that you don't RELY on it. We teach you how to teach your dog responsibility and accountability to make the right decision - for you.  No matter what is going on around him or her.

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 Don't Wait for  Problems to Happen

How you START your dog in training  can save you months, maybe even years, of frustration. Training isn't for when behaviour is already a problem, but the RIGHT training will help you build trust and relationship with your dog and prevent problems. 

Learning how to motivate your dog and how to tap into their genetics to help prevent issues is our unique approach to training. 

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Customized for you

We work with all issues, behaviours, ages and breeds! We provide YOU with the information to understand the WHY and HOW to fix it. Dog Training and Behaviour Modification for the owner who wants REAL long lasting change

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Behaviour + Obedience

Distractions? What distractions! Our group classes are designed to help you work in distractions. Every exercise is set up to help you succeed with your dog.

Day Training

Get a head start

With day training, we do some of the heavy lifting. And once a week we train you so that you can carry on with the training


Real world

You need real-world practical solutions for your dog that gets results


You want a trainer with over 13 years of training and business experience, constantly expanding learning


You want a solution that's tailored to your needs and your dog's personality AND genetics

We can help you with:
  • Leash manners - pulling, barking, lunging, fearful behaviours on a leash

  • Dog issues - this is our #1 issue we work with!

  • Helping new rescue dog adjust to his/her new home

  • Obedience

  • House training

  • Puppy manners

  • Fear and anxiety

  • Resource guarding

  • Crate training

  • Listening in distractions (squirrels, dogs, people, etc)

  • Coming when called, no matter what is around

  • Socialization with other dogs

  • Issues with other people

  • Barking and lunging

  • Issues between dogs in the household

  • Bonding with your new dog