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You not only want the best for you and your dog
you want ABOVE average results 

Our Training Programs are designed with your success in mind. Rather than a one size fits all approach where everyone learns the bare basics, we want more for you and your dog. Because training takes time, consistency and commitment, and you want to see the results of the work you put in.

We learn from the best training professionals in the world so that we can give you the best. We are constantly learning and developing our skills so that we bring more information and solutions to you.

We take a play-based approach to training, so not only is training fun for your dog, you will develop a bond and relationship with your dog that goes way beyond training with food, and the results are amazing. We follow World Champion Ivan Balabanov's Training Without Conflict and are in process of being certified. 

 Don't Wait for  Problems to Happen

How you START your dog in training  can save you months, maybe even years, of frustration. Training isn't for when behaviour is already a problem, but the RIGHT training will help you build trust and relationship with your dog and prevent problems. 

Learning how to motivate your dog and how to tap into their genetics to help prevent issues is our unique approach to training. 

​We can help with

  • Leash manners - pulling, barking, lunging, fearful behaviours on a leash

  • Dog issues - this is our #1 issue we work with!

  • Getting your dog off leash - our specialty!

  • Helping new rescue dog adjust to his/her new home - we have over 8 years of extensive rescue experience

  • Obedience

  • House training

  • Puppy manners

  • Fear and anxiety

  • Resource guarding

  • Crate training

  • Listening in distractions (squirrels, dogs, people, etc)

  • Coming when called, no matter what is around

  • Issues with people

  • Barking and lunging

  • Issues between dogs in the household

  • Bonding with your new dog

  • and much more

Is My Dog Rocks Right for You?

Real world

You need real-world practical solutions for your dog that gets results


You want a trainer with over 14 years of training and business experience, constantly expanding learning


You want a solution that's tailored to your needs and your dog's personality AND genetics

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