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Before the puppy class I attended, my puppy bit hands and feet. Didn't listen very well, wouldn't stay in one place. When we went for walks it was a challenge with lunging and pulling. After taking the puppy class my dog seems to be calmer, he will stay in place and biting has also been remedied. Our walks are more enjoyable because we have better communication. I know how to connect with my puppy. I learned to better understand my puppy.  

I really enjoyed the outdoor setting and the different locations. It helped me have the confidence that I really could take my puppy anywhere. He constantly surprises me.

- Ester & Jax

What was different about your course was that your approach to training was non-verbal where the dog had to read your body language. Because my dog is so hyperactive it was greatly beneficial to learn how to communicate with my dog to keep her calm.


Kensi learned to watch me and respond to my actions. I learned how to communicate with her and not encourage her hyperactive behaviour. She can now lay in our house quietly which she was unable to do before the course. She has also learned how to walk properly on a leash without pulling.

- Laura & Kensi

- Julia & Winston

- Victoria & Jade

Winston had a lot of anxiety and had a hard time relaxing in the house and around other dogs. 


He is still a work in progress but he was able to walk with other males after doing this class and has been more calm in the house.


My favourite thing about this training is that I can now walk all 3 of my dogs and fosters dogs on leash with no pulling! It's been a great asset!!


The big difference I found was that you didn't judge how "bad" or misbehaved my dog was or what I did wrong with him in the past! You didn't look down on me but only wanted to help and move forward to fix issues I was having. I have felt judged and put down with other trainers! So thank you

Before starting classes with My Dog Rocks I referred to Jade as the devil. She was 3 months old and a typical puppy but she was also really bossy. We completed 2 rounds of classes with My Dog Rocks the puppy classes and group classes. Since finishing classes Jade is much calmer and people often comment on how calm she is for her age. We still have work to do but I don't believe she would be where she is without the training from My Dog Rocks. I really enjoyed the outside classes, it brought a real world aspect to the training. And Diane is always there to help even when you are done her classes. We will definitely use My Dog Rocks in the future! 


What made my experience with My Dog Rocks different then with other trainers was the attention that was paid to each dog and owner and that the training and advice goes past the last class. Being able to communicate with you not just during class but after hours and even after the last class helped me stay on track and gave me more confidence when working with Jade. I also really liked having the classes outside in different places.

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