let us do the 

heavy lifting  

Sometimes, life gets in the way and schedules don't allow for a separate time to train the dog. Or maybe you are looking for a jump start in changing behaviour.

Our Day Training could be for you!

With Day Training, we come to your home and spend an hour training your dog. And the best part - you don't need to be there! Well, for most of the sessions!

What's even better than getting your dog out for an hour a day? An hour of training, where your dog gets mental stimulation and the eyes of a professional helping to change behaviour.

Each week, you will get 3 one on one sessions with your dog, and one session with you AND your dog so that we can teach you what was covered with your dog. So not only is your dog learning, you can then apply what your dog has learned. Make no mistake, this is the most important part, as if there is not consistency in what the dog has learned, the lessons will not stick.


Our lessons will typically cover the following:


  • How to walk your dog calmly on leash, in any distraction

  • Teaching your dog to calm

  • Manners when greeting people

  • How to introduce dogs in a calm manner

  • How to address nipping, mouthing and biting

  • How to use play to enhance your training

  • How to teach the dog not to dash out the door

  • How to get your dog to come, every time

  • Behaviour Modification and/or Perception Modification

  • How to build a trusting relationship with your dog


Fees are charged weekly and covers 4 sessions. 3 sessions with the trainer and dog, and 1 session with owner, trainer and dog. Weekly rate is $549 plus tax. 

We have a minimum 3 week commitment for day training. Did you know it takes 21-30 days to form a habit? To get the most out of our training, we want consistency for at least 3 weeks!


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