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Home School


Home School

Let us do the Heavy Lifting  

With our Home School, we will get you results, faster. You get all the benefits of our trainer working with your dog, and you also learn in the process.

What's even better than getting your dog out for just a walk? A training session where your dog gets mental stimulation and the eyes of a professional helping to change behaviour. Your dog will be tired and you will be happy with the changes you see!

Each week, our trainer will work with your dog for 3 one on one sessions. The fourth session is with you AND your dog so that we can teach you what was covered during the week. So not only is your dog learning, you can then apply what your dog has learned. 

All the benefits of a board and train, but your dog stays at home and you learn and train along the way!


We can help with:


  • Loose leash walking - your dog learns to walk calmly on a leash, in any distraction

  • Getting rid of jumping, barking

  • Teaching your dog to calm

  • Manners when greeting people

  • Getting your dog to listen in any distraction

  • Stopping door dashing

  • Getting your dog to come, every time

  • Even off leash training!

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