Group Training

What Distractions.

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My Dog Rocks is Barrie's Premiere destination for Group Training. 


What is your vision for your dog? Whether you are looking for basic manners, a dog that can go anywhere, or advanced off leash skills in high distraction areas, group classes can help you achieve your dream for your dog.

Our Group Training provides you with the unique ability to deepen the relationship with your dog, improve and provide clear communication so that you will have a happier dog. And happier family!


At My Dog Rocks, we design our classes so that YOU succeed at your pace. Our training covers basic to advanced topics, but in REAL WORLD situations, distractions and locations.

Our trainers have many years of experience training thousands of dogs in class, and can help you get where you want to be with your dog

  • Fast track your training, or take your time - you determine the pace for you and your dog

  • Multiple options per week to provide flexibility that will fit your schedule

  • Basic to advanced training and concepts taught and practiced in group training settings

  • We provide the support and methods to help you succeed even in high levels of distractions

  • Group training provides you with the ability to train your dog both on leash right to off leash

I have spent thousands on Truly on training alone you were my third trainer! And my favorite!!!! The results are incredible!

-Saskia and Truly

Special Offer for New Clients!

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