One on one TRAINING

In Person Sessions


Are you struggling with your dog:

  • Pulling you down the street

  • Jumping on you and everyone he or she meets

  • Using his or her mouth for more than chowing down dinner

  • Freaking out when seeing dogs/cats/squirrels on walks

  • Exhibiting fearful or anxious behaviour

  • Adjusting to their new home

  • Running the other way when you call

  • Ignoring you inside or out!

Or just want to start off on the right foot with your dog. Or create a better bond with your dog!

Our One on One Training is for you!

The advantage of One on One Training is that it is fully customized for you and YOUR dog. We are committed to working with you until you reach your training goals, but the key component to any training success is your commitment and follow through with the training program. We are here to support and help you achieve your goals.


Our trainer will work with you at a designated location in the Barrie area. PLEASE NOTE: With COVID-19 we are not offering in home sessions at this time. All One on One Sessions will be held outdoors.Training is typically once weekly in order to maximize on learning and consistency.


Our lessons will typically cover the following:


  • How to walk your dog calmly on leash, in any distraction

  • Teaching your dog to calm

  • Manners when greeting people

  • How to introduce dogs in a calm manner

  • How to address nipping, mouthing and biting

  • How to use play to enhance your training

  • How to teach the dog not to dash out the door

  • How to get your dog to come, every time

  • Behaviour Modification and/or Perception Modification

  • How to build a trusting relationship with your dog


My Dog Can Rock Program 

If you are struggling with larger issues, such as pulling, barking, lunging on walks, dog issues, resource guarding issues, and want to commit to training up front, our special program is for you! Just imagine a dog that you are proud of!

In order to maximize your success, we combine our video and in person sessions as well as group classes together for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. So not only are you supported throughout the training, you can then drop into group classes to practice with dogs as distractions!

Contact Us to book a free phone consultations! To purchase a package, click the button below.

This program includes:

  • Three In person one on one sessions 

  •  Foundations Group classes 6 month membership

  • Access to client Facebook group for ongoing support, even once the program is finished, for as long as you like


One on One Sessions - Flexibility and Savings

The advantage to One on Ones sessions is flexibility! Flexibility in how many sessions you take, and flexibility in payment so that you pay for each session. You can take a session and then sign up for group class, or meet weekly, it's up to you. Of course we will use our experience and expertise to make recommendations.

How it works:

Choose how you pay for your One on One training. You can choose Pay-as-you-go and purchase individual sessions as needed. Or, purchase a session package and save! Sessions can be as frequently. as weekly, and package must be used within 6 months. Session packages are billed and paid prior to the first session.

Have questions? Not sure which package is best for you? Contact Us to book a free phone consultations! 

Freedom Program - Remote Collar Training

Remote collar is especially effective for:

  • Behaviour rehabilitation

  • Off leash manners in distractions 

Maybe you feel that your dog is the terror of the neighbourhood. You walk early morning or late at night so you don't meet up with other dogs. Your dog is so anxious that you feel you can't leave the house. You're afraid to have people come into your house because of your dog....

You have a cottage or you want to take your dog on an off leash hike and enjoy your dog! This program is for off leash reliability as well.

If any of these sound like you, then our Ecollar Program may be for you. Diane is highly regarded in working with aggression and anxiety cases. This program is designed to help you enjoy your dog again. Diane also specializes in getting dogs off leash, even breeds that others say can't be off leash!

The one on one program will work with anxiety, fearfulness, issues with dogs, issues with humans, cat issues. It is also an all around off leash program. The advantage of the one on one program is that we fully customize it for you and your dog, so that the training fits in your lifestyle and we can adjust as your dog progresses.


This program includes:

  • An initial video session to discuss history and help you understand your dog better

  • Video feedback in between sessions

  • Four In person one on one sessions 

  • Drop in pass to attend Remote Collar Group classes

  • Access to client Facebook group for ongoing support, even once the program is finished, for as long as you like

  • One Ecollar Technologies Mini Educator (value $300)

Video Sessions


Video sessions are a great option if you live outside the Barrie area! Or if you have some questions you would like covered, want to work on a new skill or aren't able to get outside.

Video sessions are one on one training sessions tailored to you. We will provide you with a secure Zoom link, and we will work your dog over video!

Video sessions are 45 minutes - $99 plus HST

Dog training is included in Essential Services under the April 17 Ontario Stay at Home Order, Therefore, we are open for Day Training, One on One Sessions and Video Sessions. Group Classes will resume with Phase 1 Reopening


Fully Customized Dog Training Options for Barrie and area



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