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Private Training

Fully Customized Dog Training Options for Barrie and area


Picture this. It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining, you and your dog go out.....

  • Your dog walks with you and enjoys being with you, even though Sally squirrel is tempting her from the nearest tree

  • At one point, you stop to say hi to a neighbour, and your dog sits quietly and says hello politely

  • A fellow dog owner is across the street, you wave, smile and carry on, as does your dog

  • You stop to tie your shoe and your dog graciously waits for you

  • Loud trucks and busses pass and your dog walks as if nothing is happening

  • Now you're home, you have people coming over and your dog greets them without jumping

  • Later, you go for a hike, and your dog returns happily every time you call

  • Once you are at home, your dog chills with the family, happy and satisfied spending time and playing with the kids

Does this sound like fantasy? It doesn't have to, let us help!

The advantage of One on One Training is that it is fully customized for you and YOUR dog. We are committed to working with you until you reach your training goals, but the key component to any training success is your commitment and follow through with the training program. We are here to support and help you achieve your goals.


Our trainer will work with you at a designated location in the Barrie area. As much as  possible, One on One Sessions will be held outdoors. Training is typically once weekly in order to maximize on learning and consistency.


Our lessons will typically cover the following:


  • How to walk your dog calmly on leash, in any distraction

  • Teaching your dog to calm

  • Manners when greeting people

  • How to introduce dogs in a calm manner

  • How to address nipping, mouthing and biting

  • How to use play to enhance your training

  • How to teach the dog not to dash out the door

  • How to get your dog to come, every time

  • Behaviour Modification and/or Perception Modification

  • How to build a trusting relationship with your dog


Special Offer for New Clients!

Contact us for an Evaluation and see how My Dog Rocks can make you and your dog happier!

Video Sessions

Girl Using Laptop


Video sessions are a great option if you live outside the Barrie area! Or if you have some questions you would like covered, want to work on a new skill or aren't able to get outside.

Video sessions are one on one training sessions tailored to you. We will provide you with a secure Zoom link, and we will work your dog over video!

Video sessions are 45 minutes - $99 plus HST

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