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Dog and Puppy Training

Welcome to My Dog Rocks
Just wait until you see how proud
you are of your dog

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You and your dog are not like everyone else. You have different needs and aspirations, and your dog has his or her own personality. Your dog deserves to be understood and have his or her needs addressed individually. At My Dog Rocks, your customized training program will be built around your dog's personality, instincts, likes and what makes your dog tick, so that you can discover what your dog really can do.


Whether you want your dog off leash, to have better manners, or basic training, or need behavioural issues addressed...

You will be able to say "My Dog Rocks!"

How can My Dog Rocks make your life with your dog easier!

Contact us for a Phone or In Person Evaluation so we can best match one of our Training Programs to your needs


Why Choose My Dog Rocks? 

​     ​ -    Experience - over 14 years in business, training family dogs

      -    Quality - read our reviews, when clients put in the work, you see results

     -     Knowledge - we have worked with some of the worlds best and bring that information to you

     -     Education - you want to understand your dog and know WHY he or she does what she does, so you understand how to address it or help it flourish

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Private Sessions

Customized training programs specially for you. We teach you to train your dog in the most effective way to meet your goals

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Group Training

Real world training for everyday results. In group classes we hone and practice the training to make an amazing dog


Home School

Fast Track your training, we do the training part of the week, you take over and practice what your dog has learned

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