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That moment you realize
your dog CAN do it....

With My Dog Rocks, your training program and training plan are customized because you and your dog are unique. A one -size - fits - all approach will get average results, but you want ABOVE average results.


We coach you to find the success and joy with your dog, and then celebrate it, every step of the day.

We want you to say "My Dog Rocks!"

How can My Dog Rocks make your life with your dog easier!

Contact us for a Phone or In Person Evaluation so we can best match one of our Training Programs to your needs

Getting the training right the first time 
means not having to undo bad habits.

You will learn the most up to date and proven ways to deepen your relationship and teach your dog. And how to train your dog so that they listen every time, no matter what is around. 

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Just picture YOUR dog....

- Going anywhere and everywhere with you

- Having enjoyable walks, walking together through the neighbourhood

- Chilling and relaxing in the house no matter what is going on

- Hiking with you and comes back when called


YES IT IS POSSIBLE!! Your dog CAN rock!


Private Sessions

Customized training programs specially for you. We teach you to train your dog in the most effective way to meet your goals

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Group Training

Real world training for everyday results. In group classes we hone and practice the training to make an amazing dog


Home School

Fast Track your training, we do the training part of the week, you take over and practice what your dog has learned

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