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We specialize in helping you SOLVE your issues. 

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Dog Training and Behaviour Modification Customized for you

We work with all issues, behaviours, ages and breeds! We provide YOU with the information to understand the WHY and HOW to fix it

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Behaviour + Obedience





Distractions? What distractions! in our group classes we teach you how to work in any and all distractions. Every exercise is set up to help you succeed with your dog.

Dog Training and Puppy Training -

Get a head start

With day training, we do some of the heavy lifting. And once a week we train you so that you can carry on with the training

get the training right 

the first time means not having to undo bad habits.

Just picture YOUR dog....

- Going anywhere and everywhere with you

- Having enjoyable walks, walking together through the neighbourhood

- Chilling and relaxing in the house no matter what is going on

- Hiking with you and comes back when called


YES IT IS POSSIBLE!! Your dog CAN rock!

We provide Barrie's premiere dog and puppy training. From puppy training, basic obedience, behavioural issues both on leash and off leash training, we provide a comprehensive training plan that not only helps solve your problem, but gives you the tools to work through any issues that arise. 

At the end of the day, the formal training time you spend with your dog will be wasted if you don't do the right things the other 23 hours of the day. When you get that relationship right, the formal training is so much more effective. We educate you on how your dog sees the world, and what we can do to strengthen our relationship and honour our dogs as dogs.

And it's so much easier to do things right the first time than have to undo bad habits! 


This isn't typical obedience training for your dog, it’s about educating you and your dog. We go beyond sit and stay and teach you dog language. We teach your dog how to make good decisions.  Because a dog that makes good decisions doesn't run out the door, bark at things passing by, lunge or bite people or dogs.


All of our training leads to off leash. Why? You may not think you will ever need your dog off leash, but leashes break, equipment fails, people leave doors open by mistake. And you want your dog to make the RIGHT decision, no matter what is going on around him or her.

This can only be done when you learn to motivate your dog so that your relationship is what motivates the dog to respond. Want to find out more? Contact us to see what training is best for you and your dog!


I am proud to be the owner and trainer at My Dog Rocks. I love helping people and their dogs in both changing behaviour and also changing the mind and body through nutrition.

We serve Barrie and the surrounding area, and we specialize in Dog Training and Behaviour Modification from puppies right through to adults.

I want you to have the success you are looking for so that you can say "My Dog Rocks"!


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