In 2008, I started doing research on feeding my dogs. One of our dogs had arthritis and the other never had a solid poop (with raw, there's a lot of poop talk!). When I first told my husband what we were going to feed the dogs, he thought i was nuts, but I switched anyway.


Fast forward a couple of months later, and I had run out of raw food, so switched to kibble for a week. After one of the walks with the dog, Jay told me "no more kibble. Raw only." Once he saw how little he had to pick up with raw, there was no going back.


 I saw so many positive changes and benefits from feeding raw that we started our puppy Jagger on raw the first day he was home. We even put our cat (who was 7 when we adopted her) on raw - and she loves it!


There is so much information about feeding our dogs out there. At the end of the day, we want to do what's best for our dog and feed the best food possible that also fits our budget.


This photo on the right is of Jake. I wanted to show the teeth of a dog on a raw diet. In this photo, Jake is 7 years old and has very minimal plaque. Before I put the dogs on a raw diet, Diesel at 2 years old had a significant amount of plaque! Well, that disappeared after about 2 months on the raw diet.


Don't worry - I'm not hurting him - I just wanted to move his lips so you can see his pearly whites! And they are some beauties! Even our vet comments on how amazing his teeth are!


Switching to raw can feel overwhelming - believe me I know! That's why I have chosen to carry a pre-packaged raw meal selection, especially for the first time raw feeder. It is very important that a raw diet be BALANCED. What does balanced mean? It means a balance of meat, bone, organ as well as vitamins and minerals.  I recommend feeding a minimum of 3 proteins (once your dog has been swtiched onto raw) as well as raw meaty bones like neck bones, knuckle bones, but as well as turkey necks, chicken necks and duck feet. Your dog will also benefit from the chewing activity, both mentally as well as physical benefits - such as clean teeth!


When first switching to raw, it's best to start with one protein for 1-2 weeks, then try another. Many people start with chicken, unless your dog has a chicken allergy in which case I usually recommend beef. Once you have seen that your dog is ok on 2 or 3 proteins, you can add whole pieces such as chicken feet, turkey necks, chicken backs.


All of the pre-packaged raw that I sell comes frozen, so all you need to do is thaw and serve. You can refrigerate the package once it's been thawed for 2-3 days. You may need a freezer for the dog food (trust me, we have more dog food on hand than human food!). Kijiji is a great place to find freezers for great prices!


The amount you feed depends on your dog's weight. I find it easiest to place the bowl on a food scale so I am feeding an accurate amount. 


If your dog is of average weight and activity, I recommend starting with 2% of body weight. If your dog needs to lose weight then start with 1.5% of body weight.


Our goal is to bring the you best quality, locally sourced food at the best prices. We are always looking for 


Our suppliers are:

Iron Will Raw


Barker's Brunch


Ryan's Raw

What Does Balanced Mean?

When feeding raw, you need to make sure that the diet is balanced. The means a balance between meat/bone/organ. Most of our meals are balanced 80% meat, 10% bones and 10% organ (including 5% liver). We also carry meat/bone blends and organ blends and whole pieces as well so you can mix it yourself. Some brands such as Iron Will Raw also contain green veggies along with alfalfa and kelp.

How to Serve

All of our meals come frozen and packaged in 1 lb, 2 lb, 4 lb and 5 lb packages. All you have to do is thaw, weigh and serve. Once opened, the meals can be refrigerated up to 4 days.


Highly processed commercial pets foods cannot provide the same nutrition a Raw diet can for your dog. Our diets provide a natural source of nutrition. 

NO fillers, NO preservatives, NO additives. 


  • No more doggy odor!

  •  A shiny, soft coat and skin - Greasy, dull coats are a thing of the past, and let's not forget LESS shedding! 

  • Allergies and Food Sensitivities are reduced - Switching to Raw can help with various health issues, particularly food allergies.  (continual scratching, chewing feet, hot spots, ear infections etc.) Many raw fed dogs have fewer health issues, which means less vet appointments. 

  • Easier weight management - whether your dog needs to lose or gain weight, it is much easier on raw.  

  • Naturally clean teeth - No need for toothbrushes, de-scaling jobs, or gum disease, supplementing your dogs diet with some raw meaty bones will help keep their teeth clean and strong. 

  • Less to scoop - Because there are no fillers or additives in the food, your dogs stools will be firm, turn chalky and decompose after a few days. 

  • Less Water Intake - With better digestibility and a higher water content in the food, your pet will no longer require excessive amounts of water to stay hydrated. 


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