Specialty Classes

Here's a little video of our Nosework class. This is an exercise called "follow your dog" to help you understand your dog better. Not sure who had more fun, the dogs or the humans!

Relationship building through Nosework - Get to know your dog through the nose!

Cost: $75 + HST 

What is your dog's greatest sense? His or her sense of smell! Nose work is a great way to mentally stimulate your dog and to get your dog to see you in a different light.

This class is for the pet dog owner starting out with nose work and wants to have some fun and learning with their dog. This is a great starting point if you want to go on to to scent detection. We will show you how to incorporate nose work into your every day activities with your dog, and how to get your dog to see you differently through your participation.

Details: This is a 3-class session held in various outdoor locations. We will change locations each class so your dog learns how to find scents in different locations.

**Only 8 spots for this class. First 8 dogs registered and paid will be able to participate.

The Game of Play

Price: $75 + HST 

Play is very important to our dogs. What if we could turn play from an occasional activity we do with our dogs to one that gets them more engaged with us and provides mental stimulation!

Join this 3 class session and learn how to incorporate play into your every day life with your dog and your training.

Check the Schedule for upcoming classes!

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