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Unlike kibble where we measure amounts by cup, raw is fed by weight. It's easiest to have a kitchen scale on hand so you know you are feeding accurate amounts, especially if you're mixing whole pieces with ground. Dogs can become overweight on raw too! While you can tell by the dog's body condition, often owners don't recognize that a dog is overweight until it is too late.


The amount you feed depends on age, weight, body condition and activity level. Use the calculator below to see how much you should feed your dog.


If you feed 2 times daily, then divide the total amount by two to get the amount per meal. If you feed once per day, then feed the amount from the calculator for the meal.


For most dogs (unless they are overweight or underweight), start at 2% of body weight. If the dog loses weight, you can always increase amounts. If the dog gains weight, decrease the amount. For senior dogs, because their metabolism is a bit slower, start at 1.5% and see how they do.