Switching to raw can feel overwhelming - believe me I know! That's why I have chosen to carry a pre-packaged raw meal selection, especially for the first time raw feeder. It is very important that a raw diet be BALANCED. What does balanced mean? It means a balance of meat, bone, organ as well as vitamins and minerals.  I recommend feeding a minimum of 3 proteins (once your dog has been swtiched onto raw) as well as raw meaty bones like neck bones, knuckle bones, but as well as turkey necks, chicken necks and duck feet. Your dog will also benefit from the chewing activity, both mentally as well as physical benefits - such as clean teeth!


When first switching to raw, it's best to start with one protein for 1-2 weeks, then try another. Many people start with chicken, unless your dog has a chicken allergy in which case I usually recommend beef. Once you have seen that your dog is ok on 2 or 3 proteins, you can add whole pieces such as chicken feet, turkey necks, chicken backs.


All of the pre-packaged raw that I sell comes frozen, so all you need to do is thaw and serve. You can refrigerate the package once it's been thawed for 2-3 days. You may need a freezer for the dog food (trust me, we have more dog food on hand than human food!). Kijiji is a great place to find freezers for great prices!


The amount you feed depends on your dog's weight. I find it easiest to place the bowl on a food scale so I am feeding an accurate amount. 


If your dog is of average weight and activity, I recommend starting with 2% of body weight. If your dog needs to lose weight then start with 1.5% of body weight.


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