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Problem Dog? We can help

Does your dog pull you down the street? 


Have you ever been embarrassed by your dog barking at dogs and people on the street?


Does your dog dislike other dogs? Or maybe he has decided that every squirrel is his nemesis. 


How much have you changed your life for your dog? Have you stopped having people over to your house? Do you only walk the dog very early and very late so you can avoid people and other dogs? 


When you call your dog, does she run the other way?


Have you ever wanted your dog to just listen to you?


If you're frustrated and not sure what to do next, it's time to change all of that and we can help! See how your dog can turn into an amazing member of the family that you are all proud of!

Meet Diane

I am proud to be the owner and trainer at My Dog Rocks. I love helping people and their dogs in both changing behaviour and also changing the mind and body through nutrition. I only want to bring the best to my clients, whether it be training techniques, training products or raw food and natural treats.

Diane is a proud Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)


Part of changing a dog's behaviour is making sure the brain gets the proper nutrients. That's why we sell quality raw food, treat and supplements for dogs to keep your dog's mind and body healthy. 


A raw diet can help with itchy skin, allergies, ear infections, improve coat and skin, keep teeth healthy, and improve behaviour.  


We sell three very high quality foods that are human grade, hormone and anti-biotic free meat: Iron Will Raw, Ryan's Raw and Barker's Brunch. All are local Ontario brands that we are proud to partner with! We also have a selection of dehydrated treats your dog will love.


Upcoming Events

This is a brand NEW class to help you get your dog ready for the holidays! This is a 4-class session over 2 weeks. 2 classes per week Tuesday at 7pm and Saturday at 10 am. Register now!

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Turn Frustration into Appreciation

Dogs are amazing teachers and can bring so much to our lives.They have so much to teach us when we are open to learn. Of course, when all we see is their bad behaviour, it's hard to see what they have to teach us. Through our training you will learn to see your dog differently. You will gain a deeper understanding of your dog and learn how to clearly communicate, as many issues arise due to unclear communication between us and our dogs.


You will walk away with a number of solutions and a toolbox that will help you even after you complete training. Plus a support system that is there for you.


 Our goal is to help you see your dog as a "dog". Their nature and behaviour is different from ours in many ways, so by helping you understand their nature, you will better be able to communicate with your dog, and at the same time deepen the bond.


The end result? We can transform your dog's behaviour, so your dog rocks.

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