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Relationship Building Class

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4 Weeks

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Relationship Building Class


About the course

There are few things as special as the deep bond we share with our dogs. However, we can often be frustrated by our dogs when they don't listen or they do things that we just don't understand. Sometimes we think our dog is just not listening when in fact, we haven't been clear in what we have asked.

In this class, we will expand your understanding of your dog - and learn how to see the world the way your dog sees it. This is not a "training" class, but we will change your dog's behaviour by changing your relationship with the dog.  You will learn communication on your dog's level and how to leverage that understanding to communicate with your dog in new ways. 

​You will learn how to help keep your dog calm in new situations. By teaching your dog to navigate obstacles your dog will build confidence and learn how to follow you. We will build relationship and mental stimulation through nose work. And we will take class trips to dog friendly stores and restaurants so your dog learns how to handle him or herself in all situations.

There are no prerequisites to this class. You can take this class if you have taken other My Dog Rocks classes, or if you have not joined us for classes before. 

You will need a martingale collar, 6' leash and 15' long line.  

Only 5 dogs per class. 

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