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Foundations Group Class

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6 Weeks

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Foundations Group Class


About the course

Your dog only listens in the backyard or if nothing else is around, then in our opinion, your dog isn't trained. If you are looking for a great way to work around other dogs and in different distractions, this class is for you! Whether your dog barks at people or dogs, is fearful, won't listen, pulls on the leash - if you put in the work, you WILL see a difference in your dog.

For ages 16 weeks and up.
- 6 weeks of classes with one class per week.
- We mix obedience with behaviour training to truly understand and change your dog
- Loose leash walking, sit, down, stay and come
- AND you will learn how to work with your dog in any distraction 
- You won't just learn "commands", but you will have behaviour solutions so that you can experience fun things with your dog like shopping, dining, parks and forest walks

- You will learn
     - Loose leash walking in all distractions - why your dog pulls, how we contribute and how to teach your dog to walk on the leash
     - Come on command (every time!)
     - Stay in any environment - sit stays, stand stays and down stays
   - How to communicate to your dog effectively, even without a leash
     - How to make an environment into an agility playground
     - How to create a CALM dog 

- BONUS - Lifetime Access to our client Facebook group for support and information between classes. This means access to the trainer even AFTER you have completed class ($300 value)

- You WILL have work to do with your dog between classes. All homework will be given in written format, and you can ask any questions during the week!

LOCATION: All classes are held at various outdoor locations in Barrie.

This class starts the foundation for off leash training.
Please check the Schedule for upcoming classes.

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