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Advanced Foundations

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6 Weeks

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Advanced Foundations


About the course

You MUST have completed our Foundations Group Class in order to take this Advanced Class. Why? Our classes are like no other. We have found that dogs that have taken the Foundations Group Class are far ahead of dogs taking other basic group classes. 

​Your dog thinks an open door is an invitation to run. Your dog knows when the leash is off and has lost all listening skills. You  are worried what will happen if your leash ever breaks. Then this class is for you.

This is an advanced class if you are looking to improve your dog's listening skills around distractions, and get your dog off leash!

- 6 weeks of classes with one class per week. PLUS our 6 Month Membership means you can come to class as many times over 6 months. Learning happens over time, so come and practice, get support and keep learning!

- Learn how to get your dog off leash, using your leash and collar
- On leash sit, stay, stand, come with high levels of distractions
- Off leash sit, stay, stand, come
- We will up the ante working in more difficult and tempting distractions so your dog will listen in any situation. 
- Build confidence and independence in your dog with long distance and out-of-sight stays

- BONUS - Lifetime Access to our client Facebook group for support and information between classes. This means access to the trainer even AFTER you have completed class ($300 value)

You WILL have work to do with your dog between classes. All homework will be given in written format, and you can ask any questions during the week

LOCATION: All classes are held at various outdoor locations in Barrie.

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