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Board & Train Program

Boutique training so you can ENJOY your dog!


Imagine sending your dog for a "learning vacation"!

  • Your dog stays and lives with us for 14 days, receiving the special My Dog Rocks treatment

  • Every day we work and learn, setting your dog up for success

  • You receive a go-home lessons and follow up lessons so that you can maintain the training at home

  • And you get to be amazed by the dog you now live with!

Does this sound like fantasy? It doesn't have to, let us help!

The advantage of the Board & Train is that you have experienced professionals training your dog, every day. Your dog gets the care as if he or she was one of our own. And by the time your dog returns, your dog will walk nicely on leash, come when called, be polite when greeting guests, drop and give items when asked. 

Not only that, you will finally enjoy your dog rather than be stressed by his or her behaviours. 

Book now - the sooner you book, the sooner you will have your dream dog!

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Video Sessions

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Video sessions are a great option if you live outside the Barrie area! Or if you have some questions you would like covered, want to work on a new skill or aren't able to get outside.

Video sessions are one on one training sessions tailored to you. We will provide you with a secure Zoom link, and we will work your dog over video!


Video sessions are 1 hour - $199 plus HST