Collars & Leashes

How does this work?

We offer both pick up and delivery within Barrie! Pick up is by appointment but we are very flexible. If you would like to see what we have, email or call 705-896-4422. We are in the south east end of Barrie. Minimum order of $50 on all delivery orders. Click here for more information.

Martingale collars


Nylon martingale collars with side buckle for quick release. Double stitched to stand up to wear and tear. Herm Sprenger chain. Comes in various patterns






6' Nylon leashes


High quality 6' nylon leashes with 1" wide braid. Comes in various patterns. Double stitched for durability.

6' Slip Lead


It's a leash and collar in one! Great for training, but also for those times you don't want to hassle with a leash and collar on your dog. Just slip this over your dog's head and the stopper ensures that it won't slide off!

Fusion by Design Leather Collars


Come see our selection of beautiful hand crafted collars by Fusion By Design.

Fusion by Design Leather Leashes


Handcrafed 6' leather leashes that will melt in your hand!

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